Father Jogging With Child Using A Jogging Stroller

Ways To Bond With Your Child Using A Jogging Stroller

Woman Jogging With Her Baby using a Jogging Stroller On a nice sunny day

Using a Jogging Stroller to bond with your child while jogging or running is a great experience for you and your child, can be both rewarding and exciting as you strengthen and build your relationship.

I know it can be changeling when you now have a baby or an addition to the family when at the beginning you didn’t, all you had was you, you were the only person you didn’t have children, all you had to do was wake up and do your daily routine for that day.

Now you have children that you have to incorporate into your jogging or running schedule, there are things you must do to prepare, so you won’t use them for excuses not to do it. Oh its easy to say I can’t because I just have so much to do today okay, so Let’s not give up Let’s reorganize change our mind set to do this it will be first priority that me and my children must do this.

Shaping Up

It’s a challenge to get back into shape especially as we are approach the holiday seasons its easy to put on 5 or 10lbs, we have to get back into a mine set of exercising or running, you might have one baby or a baby with sibling it can be a challenge, but not one you can’t overcome.

Woman Running With Her Baby In The Park

Shaping up is not just for you, but for your children as well what you are doing is teaching your children how to have fun doing these types run or jog that will help you form a bond between you and them, also you are teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Children love to go out with their parents to ride in that jogging stroller saying go faster, go faster babies on the other hand they will go to sleep, this is one way you can bond with your child and show him or her you can be fun to hang out with.

Safety is #1

For the parents that just had a baby make sure you check with your pediatrician before attempting to jog or run with your baby. It is recommended that your child be at least 8 months old before he or she joins you on your runs. This is because their necks need to be strong enough to hold their own heads up and withstand the occasional bumps that come with running.

Never use a regular stroller to run with they are not made for running, so keep this in mind. The wheels are not designed for faster speeds and they can easily tip over. Safety is the uttermost importance for you and your child. Other things to check are:

  1. Fix or lockable front wheels
  2. 5 point safety harness
  3. Well inflated tires
  4. shock absorbers this will ensure a smooth ride
  5. Handbrakes
  6. Weather Canopy
  7. Adjustable handlebar if you and your significant other are different heights
  8. A wrist strap (tether) to make sure stroller don’t roll away when wait at a stop light
  9. Back wheel lock
  10. Basket underneath for storage

Jogging Stroller Benefits

There are so many benefits that comes with having a Jogging Stroller, especially if you don’t have a baby sitter. You can take the Jogging Stroller out with your child in it and burn some calories, and have some fun with your little ones you can’t do this going to the gym children won’t be able to see you.

When you are out talk with your children while you run, jog, or stroll teach them different things, believe me they are listening, teach them about different birds, trees, dogs that go by you if you live on the farm teach them about different animals, sing nursery rhymes or songs. (example wheels on the bus goes round and round a baby and toddlers favorite)

Woman Running With Her Two Children In The Morning Using A Double Jogging Stroller

Bonding With Multiple Children

It’s not hard to bond with children while running or jogging, or strolling just become a child in heart give eye contact when talking or playing with them to assure them that you are listening to them this shows you care for them and love them and as they grow up they will remember these things. Here’s some examples:

  • When you have two children and have a double jogging stroller one may be walking and the other in the stroller or both may be in the stroller, stop the stroller at intervals and make funny faces, ask a familiar question you all talked about on your last trip out, take some bubbles out with you blow bubbles. you see what I am saying.
  • Children have the ability to learn quickly enjoy when they ask questions about different things because they are curious at these ages, they want to learn about different things.

How Children Learn By The Parents Behavior

According to research conducted at Temple University and University of Washington, babies observe and learn to imitate bodily movements of their parents as they do different things.  Information collected from brain scans used during the research shows that a baby sees the adult using his/her hands or foot, for example, which produces a response in the sensorimotor cortex of the baby’s brain that helps him or her learn to copy the behavior.

You can use this to your advantage by showing your little ones how to crawl on all fours, walk, eventually run, exerciser, reach for his or her toys, throw a ball.  Another way to bond with your children is displaying affection while you all are on your adventure outside is to hug them every now and then, because we as parents we do this naturally, and children will mimic this loving behavior in return.

Parent Bonding With Their Two Children While Jogging

Enjoying The Journey

Our children grow up so fast, that’s why we have to make time to spend with them, we have to exercise anyway, so why not take the Jogging Stroller out with our children and this way we will be spending time with them bonding and getting a workout as well, It’s okay sometimes for you to do me time don’t get me wrong everybody needs a little me time, but make the time to bond with your children, by doing this they grow up to be caring people.

I want to thank you for reading this article, I would love to hear from you if you have any question or you have some knowledge to share about bonding with your child using a Jogging Stroller leave it in the comment section below.

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