Mother running with baby using a Jogging Stroller

How To Buy A Jogging Stroller

Young father Jogging with child using a Jogging Stroller

Hello there my new parents and those that are experienced, I am here to show how to buy a jogging stroller, one that will make your life a little easier. I know that this could be a big decision or not so big decision it all depends on the person lifestyle and the needs of the parents, if anyone reads my posts, I will mention a lot about safety, because I want you to keep my babies safety out there.

I know there’s a lot of factors into buying a jogging stroller right? So we are going to look at some features that a jogging stroller have to offer you active parents and some may not know this but you don’t have to be a runner or jogger in order to use a jogging stroller.

How To Keep Baby or Child Safe In a Jogging Stroller

When looking for a jogging stroller one of the most important is safety, first and foremost if you are a new parent and you have or have not had your baby yet, remember you cannot run with your baby, but you can stroll/walk with them.

It is recommended that you have an infant car seat in the jogging stroller birth to 6-8 months, because there head and neck have to be strong enough for them hold up plus you don’t want a lot of shaking or jarring the stroller while running. Clear it with your Pediatrician before running with your baby.

Stroller with Car Seat with baby in car seat

Harness Straps: plays apart in keep baby or child safe when jogging or running it is better to have a five point harness strap with padding, so you child can be comfortable with a snug fit while you are doing a fast run and making those sharp turns, when the baby grows the harness strap is easy to adjust to different ages at least to 4 yrs to 5 yrs of age depending on the child.

Image of wrist strap on handlebar

Safety Strap: The safety strap which is also known as a tether is good to use when you don’t have handle brake, so when you are moving fast or slow you put this strap around your wrist, so the stroller don’t get away from you.

I use it even though my employers have a jogging stroller with a handle brake I use it when I walk/run and when I am at a stop light with the brakes on and the safety strap on my wrist it’s a good feature, so the stroller won’t get away from you gives you that extra security.

All Wheel Terrain

When parents think about all 3 wheel terrain strollers, they think that these type of strollers are for parents who are very active in running, power walkers, or parents who like to be outdoors a lot. Well it made surprise you that all types of parents love these types of strollers they are not just for runners and joggers and power walkers.

They use them to go to Disney World, the park where there’s a lot of grass, they use them at the zoo, amusement parks, take these types strollers on beaches and this type of stroller will go smoothly over any rough pavement, uneven grounds.

Mother running with baby using a Jogging Stroller

These strollers with 3 wheels that have air filled rubber tires: will last for a long time, the front swivel wheel is 12″ lock for when you jog or running unlock when you just are strolling with your little one, going to the store, the park.  I know for me the swivel wheel is awesome when I am getting into the elevator and going out the doors, I can swing the stroller out or in with one hand and hold the door with the other hand. It will turn on a dime.

Handlebars and Brakes

When buying a jogging stroller you may want to look at handlebars there are two types of handle bars there are adjustable and non-adjustable handlebars:

Adjustable Handlebars: are for parents who are of different heights or there maybe some other care takers as well, like me I am a certain height my employers are different heights, so we have an 9 position adjustable handlebar, which is the BOB Revolution Pro. This helps to prevent any injuries to your back or wrist.  Its also helps you to adjust the handlebar to proper form when running or jogging.

Fix Handlebars:  A fix Handlebar is a good option if you are not sharing the use of the stroller with someone else, or if you are shorter or taller than the average height.

Image of adjustable handlebar

Handbrakes: located on the handle bar which is a really good convience you would need this when running or jogging down steep hills or going up bridges, this is a great feature to have, so you won’t put extra strain on your wrist or arms.

I like it because when I take my client out on our daily walk/run I live in urban area so I have to go up and down a bridge, so using a handbrake is good it helps me to control the speed of the stroller without the stroller getting away.

Image of hand brake located on handlebar

Parking Brakes: The parking brake is usual located between the larger two wheels in the lower back of the stroller it is flip-flop friendly can use one foot to lock and unlock.

What I like about it is if you don’t want to do any running or jogging you can wear sandals as well. The parking brakes also can be on the handle bar located on the side of some jogging strollers very convenient for you don’t have to use your foot to lock or unlock the brakes.

Suspension (shock absorbers)

This is really going to help you understand why buy a jogging stroller? It’s because without suspension (shock absorbers) your baby really won’t experience a smooth comfortable ride.

The large two big wheels in the back provide some comfort and if  you buy a Jogging Stroller with spoke wheels in the rear it helps to absorb shock when coming up on uneven, gravel, rocky, rough terrain, but it’s the suspension (shock absorbers) that doesn’t it.

Some Jogging Strollers comes with adjustable shocks, allowing you to adjust the bouncing according to your baby’s weight and the terrain that is ahead of you.

Image of Suspension located near back wheel

The suspension (shock absorbers) allow the wheels to bounce up and down without forcing the stroller and baby to bounce, it helps you to go over all types of roads, bumps, rocky, gravel and uneven roads without disturbing your baby. If you look behind each wheel on your jogging stroller it will appear as a coil spring.

The cheaper jogging strollers don’t have adequate suspension (shock absorbers) even though they are good for flat surfaces, it will not offer your baby a comfortable ride if you go off-road, if you are going to be using a jogging stroller for your fitness routine then suspension (shock absorbers) is a must.

Reclining And Padded Seats

Seat Padding: The seat padding varies from stroller to stroller some brands are way softer than others, I know that your more expensive models have super padded seats, your generic jogging strollers don’t have a lot of padding at all, which is not comfortable for your baby.

Reclining Seat: The reclining seat on jogging strollers usual have an adjustable seat that can be recline to different positions. The seat of a jogging stroller should be more reclined of that of a traditional stroller, where your baby sits up in an upright position, the reclined position helps to reduce impact of shock to your baby body, because it covers a greater surface area.

Folding Mechanism And Compact Fold

Lets face it jogging strollers are made larger than your traditional strollers, so jogging strollers do not fold small. Depending on the type of jogging stroller you have it will fold one or two ways.

Folding Mechanism: Is when you fold your stroller with either push a button or pull a lever with one hand or sometimes two, you can have the baby in one hand and fold the stroller with the other which is call the quick fold method, also jogging strollers are bulky, so they will be hard store if you have small space.

Image of woman standing next to folded Stroller

This is not the case with the BOB Revolution Pro you need two hands but overall the pros with this stroller out weights the cons any day and my employers they keep it open in the condo it’s a single stroller, so it don’t take up much space.

Compact Fold: Is when you have to disassemble the stroller you have to take off the wheels and lay it flat, jogging strollers the wheels pop off so it will fit easy into a closet, storage space, or a vehicle, you have to put the baby down for this.

Image of Stroller in a compact fold

Canopy And Storage Basket

Canopy: Usual on a jogging stroller has a canopy, the adjustable canopy allows you to cover your baby from the sun it provides sun coverage, some canopies are UV + 50, so while running, jogging or going for a stroll it will cover your baby from the sun rays.

Sometimes the canopy it covers them to their knees, all depends on how tall the child is. Also, has a peek-a-boo window so you can see your baby as you stroll the city you don’t have to go to the front of the stroller to see him or her you just look through the peek-a-boo window, some peek-a-boo windows comes with magnet closure, some with Velcro closures.

Image of pee-a-boo window located on canopy

Storage Basket: It is usual located underneath the stroller some have meshed around it others may have zippers where you can store your babies gear in diaper bag, toys, books, blankets etc… it helps to have on so when you jog or run you have your baby things underneath right at your finger tips.

There’s also mesh pockets on the inside of the stroller where the baby is at, and one big mesh pocket on the back where you can store snacks, keys, water bottle.

Other Features:

  • Cup Holder: keep water bottles here while jogging or running
  • Baby Tray: This where the can put his or her snacks at
  • Parent Console: You can keep you phone in the storage part or ID or credit cards, also beverages
  • Step-O-Meter: You can hook it up to the stroller and let it tell you how many miles you and your baby have traveled

Thoughts for buying a Jogging Stroller

I have given you an idea what to look for in a jogging stroller, so you won’t have to go out and not have a clue on what to buy, or what to look for when buying a jogging stroller.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about buying a jogging stroller or want to leave you own personal experience in buying one leave a comment below.  There are many products in the market place but there’s only some I recommend.  Check Out My Top Rated Jogging Strollers Here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your website with us. I think this is good for mothers and father who like to exercise while you’re walking the baby. I have some friends who are new parents who like to exercise. Their baby is already about 8 months old.

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  2. Bottom line I would think is safety for the child and parents.  Then I would say being able to store is very important.  This article very much does portray.  I love this article because it shows absolutely everything that my daughter in law was looking for.  I may have just stumbled upon her Christmas present.

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  3. Cynthia, well written article, you have a lot of information here.  My niece has two little boys, 16 months and 5 months old, she and her hubby do a lot of jogging and walking in the foothills west of Denver CO.  This is some valuable information for them as they are now looking for a unit that will carry both kids “over the river and thru the woods,” so to speak.  They are fairly new to the aspect of taking the kids along with them on these forays.  Thanks so much for the information, I’m going to pass this information along to them!  Keep up the good work!


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