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Difference Between Baby Jogger City Select And City Select Lux

The differences in Baby Jogger City Select and City Select Lux, well they are both nice strollers, but the City Select Lux is like your modern day Cadillac, with its sleek soft fabric that gives you a more luxury look and it has a 30% smaller fold than the original City Select with some other upgrades from the City Select, which I reviewed below.

A little bit of background information about the company Baby Jogger company gets it’s name from the first Jogging Stroller they created in 1984, because they are parents themselves, so they wanted to solve a problem active parents were facing, “how do you keep jogging with a toddle?” Years passed, so they moved beyond joggers.

Now they are a company that tailors to the needs of parents, for they know that parents are trying to do more with their children. The only Jogging Stroller they have that is considered a Jogging Stroller is the Baby Jogger Summit x3 Double Jogging Stroller.

Baby Jogger is a brand it’s not the type of Stroller you use, The Strollers that Baby Jogger design are those they have on the market today that keeps in pace with the busy lifestyle of the parents, so they don’t have to push or carry a traditional Jogging Stroller which is heavy and bulky.

Comparison Between The Baby Joggers

Fabric:  Baby Jogger City Select has somewhat of a vinyl fabric, whereas Baby Jogger City Select Lux has a soft sleek fabric gives you a more luxury look.

 Brakes:  Baby Jogger City Select the brakes are located on the right side of the handlebar, whereas Baby Jogger City Select Lux has an all-in-one hand operated decelerating and parking brake on the handlebar.

Wheels:  Baby Jogger City Select wheels are rubberized bike tire, whereas Baby Jogger City Select Lux wheels are foam microgrooves lux feel.

Handlebar:  Baby Jogger City Select doesn’t have an extended handlebar, whereas Baby Jogger City Select Lux has an extended handlebar, so if you are tall you can extend the handlebar.

Fold:  Baby Jogger City Select you can’t fold the seat, whereas with Baby Jogger City Select Lux it folds 30% smaller, because the seat can fold more compactly.

Configurations Of The Baby Jogger The City Select

The City Select has 16 seating options and the City Select Lux has 4 more configurations, because of the bench seating which can accommodate kids up to 65 lbs. makes the City Select Lux 20 seating options.

Image of 16 Configurations of the Baby Jogger City Select
  1. You can use one infant car seat
  2. Or one infant bassinet
  3.  Toddler seat facing parent so you can have those nice talks
  4. Toddler seat facing in the direction of travel so curious toddler can see the world
  5. You can have toddler seat and second seat facing the direction of travel, for two children
  6. Also you can have two toddler seats facing parent have double the fun of good talks and sing-a-longs
  7. There’s also an option for toddler seat and second seat to face each other two siblings get to know each other
  8. Infant car seat and second seat facing parent
  9. Or infant car seat facing parent and second seat facing in the direction of travel
  10. Infant and toddler seat facing parent
  11. Infant car seat facing parent and toddler seat facing the direction of travel
  12. Infant car seat and toddler seat facing each other
  13. Infant car seat and bassinet facing parent
  14. Toddler seat and bassinet facing parent
  15. Have the option of two infant car seats
  16. Or two bassinets
  17. Bench seat and second seat facing in the direction of travel
  18. Bench seat and second seat facing parent
  19. Bench seat and infant car seat
  20. Bench seat and bassinet

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Single Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select

Check Price here

The Baby Jogger City Select is the most versatile Stroller that grows with your family, it could be the only stroller you will ever need.  City Select allows you to create a custom system for your family.

The base stroller comes with the frame and one seat and you have endless accessory options, the stroller can become a double stroller with 16 unique combinations using a second seats, bassinet and car seat adapters.  (Double conversions kits are sold separately.)

The Fold:  Lift the sides and the City Select folds its self, simply and compactly.  Its really easy as it sounds!  Snap the latch to unlock the stroller for transportation or storage.  Easy to put into your vehicle or close it up and take it on the bus.

Telescoping Handlebar:  Adjusts to the user height, this is another feature that allows for easy strolling for you, whether tall or short.  The hand-operated parking brake keeps all the controls within reach.

Woman outside with child using the Baby Jogger City Select

Wheels:  The lightweight 8 inch front wheels can be set to swivel for your quick daily routines when you are going into the grocery store need to make some quick sharp turns or locked when you are just going for long strollers in the park or neighborhood.

Adjustable Seat And Canopy:  The seat is made for comfort, it offer multiple recline positions to make sure your child is comfortable and safe.  With a 45 pound weight capacity per seat and multi-position footwell, so your child can sit back and enjoy the ride.  The UV 50+ sun canopy offers a lot of shade, on a sunny day parent love this.

It has peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure so you can quietly check on your child, if its Velcro they will hear it and wake up.  The canopy can be adjusted for different head heights and multiple positions as you open and close it.

W x H x D:  Weight 29.7 lb ; Max Head Height 21 inches; Folded Stroller Dimension 32.75″ x 25.75 x 12.5″

I have pros and cons of parents who are using this amazing stroller, which I like the features that Baby Jogger City Select has


  • Parents like that the are able to switch their child forward facing and backward facing, but some like backward facing so people won’t touch their child while they are out in public.
  • Parents like that if they buy the adapter their car seats are compatible with this stroller.
  • Some parents love that they have the ability to use both car seats in this stroller.
  • The storage basket underneath has lots of room can access easily.
  • Folds compact less bulky, easy to store in some vehicles.
  • Parents say its very durable easy to maneuver especially in grocery stores.
  • Easy to put adapters on and snap car seat on and off.
  • Parents love that they can use it now for one child, and if they plan to have another they just buy the second seat kit.
  • One parent love, love, love she has 3 children and is able to use the second seat, car seat and glider board with no problems.


  • Some parents have problems with pushing the stroller
  • Couple of parents have problems with the wheels stay on their settings

The accessories for City Select check prices here and City Select Lux can be switch between them:

  • Deluxe Pram
  • Bassinet Kit
  • Second Seat Kit
  • Shopping Tote
  • Carry Bag
  • Hand Muff
  • Cooler Bag
  • Parent Console
  • Most Car Seat Adapters
  • Glider Board
  • Bug Canopy
  • Weather Shield

These City Select accessories will not fit the Lux .  The City Premier accessories can be used for the Lux.

  • Child Tray
  • Belly Bar

These City Select Lux accessories will not fit the City Select

  • Bench Seat
  • Lux Cup Holder
  • Lux Second Seat Adapters

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Check Price Here

This is Baby Jogger City Select Lux  convertible stroller with its  beautiful design nice soft fabric, sleek luxury look goes from a single to a double stroller, so your growing family can go out in style.  All terrain stroller features all wheel suspension and locking front swivel wheels.

Adjustable handlebar for users of different heights, UV50 + canopy with peek-a-boo window keeps baby covered.  Multi-position reclining seat and rotating calf support easy to adjust for baby’s comfort; large storage basket and two integrated seat back pockets, 5-point stroller harness.

Going from single to double stroller

The City Select Lux easily transforms from a single to a double stroller.  It offers more ridding options (see chart above) of any single to double stroller and can easily transport up to 3 children with the Glider Board Accessory  (sold Separately.)

25% More Riding Options

The City Select Lux features 25% more ridding options than the City Select with the addition of the Bench Seat Accessory.  Now the older sibling has a place to sit and stroll with the family.  (Bench Seat Accessory sold separately.)

Family outside strolling using the Baby Jogger City LUX

20 + Configurations 

The City Select Lux seats can be configured with seats front facing, parent facing, or sibling facing.  Stroller also accepts an infant car seat to create a custom travel system .

30% Smaller Fold and Weight Capacity 

This folding stroller features a 30% smaller fold than the City Select and features an auto lock that makes it easier to transport.  Seat capacity: 45 lbs; W x H x D: Weight: 30.4 lb frame +1 seat; Max Head Height: 22.2″  folded stroller dimensions: 30.5 x  21.5 x 10.

I have Pros and Cons of parents who are using this amazing stroller, which I like the features that Baby Jogger City Select lux has as well.


  • Parents love, love that they can use a car seat and bench seat, as well as the second seat kit with a growing family and don’t have to keep buying strollers after an addition to the family arrives.
  • Parent love that the stroller feels great it is like a modern day  Cadillac maneuver smooth, collapse to manageable size, easy to turn in tight spaces.
  • Parents love this City Select Lux more than the City Select for its 30% smaller fold, now some parents say they can put it in the trunk of their vehicle., as the City Select wouldn’t fit in their trunk.
  • Parents love that its sturdy, durable, heavy thou, easy to push over different terrain, very large wheels helps to conquer rocks and curbs.
  • Easy to assemble, has large basket storage space underneath stroller. can get to things easy, not like the BOB Revolution it is hard to access things underneath.
  • Parents say it has high quality components and materials all around.
  • Some parents love the handbrakes it helps with sudden stops don’t have to rely sole on your own arm strength to stop the stroller.


  • Some parents don’t like the 20% restocking fee, but returns are free.
  • Some parents feel that its a bit heavy, but what the stroller offers for comfort makes up for this.
  • Some parents don’t like that they have to pay extra for accessories.
  • Some parents say that the Universal Parent Console don’t fit the handlebar of the City Select Lux the handbrake gets in the way.
  • Few parents say handlebar is to high for them.

Accessories Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Here are some accessories for the Baby Jogger City Select Lux:  The Second Seat Kit, Pram Kit, Second Seat Attachment, Lux Bench Seat, Glider Board, Shopping Toe, Lux.  The accessories are not included in the price, so when purchasing keep this in mind.

If you are a big online shopper like myself, Amazon has the best deals on Strollers.  I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the  Strollers or want to leave your own personal review  leave a comment below.

There are many products in the market place, but there’s only some I recommend.   Check Out My Top Rated Jogging Strollers Here.


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