Woman holding child hand and holding Baby Jogger City Tour with the other hand

Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Reviews

Here’s the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller reviews I think personally you should get this lightweight stroller if you are a person who wants to travel light and you don’t have an infant, it would be perfect for when you travel or on vacation especial on the plane, I said it you can carry this baby jogger city tour stroller on the plane it comes with a back pack to store it in, so you can put it in the overhead bin on the plane.

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Product Features

This Baby Jogger City Tour  comes in varieties of colors, so you can spot them when at baggage claims really easy, it seems like everybody has black luggage these days, so this a plus for me.

    • Seat weight Capacity is 45 lbs can hold a child up to this
    • The weight of the stroller is 14.21 lbs very light considering other strollers weight
    • It doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar
    • Fold type is one-hand fold
    • Brake type foot operated
    • Seat height is 17.3″
    • When fold these are the dimensions 22.04″ x 17.71″ x 9.05″
    • Wheel types are Eva Does not accept infant car seats

Multi-Purpose Stroller

Folds up small enough to get on and off buses, trains, planes, take it to the Museums, Zoo, Walt Disney, Park, etc… with it’s own back pack, you don’t have to lug a heavy stroller around when you have this lightweight stroller, when you are on trips you don’t have to go up and down some stairs with it, just fold it up put it in the back pack you are good to go.

Woman holding child hand and carrying Baby Jogger City With The Other Hand

The stroller is very light, so you can fold it up quickly and take it in and out of your vehicle trunk it’s that light. The Baby Jogger City Tour folds in seconds with just one hand push the button in the middle of the handlebar to collapse the top part of the stroller then pull the strap in the middle of the seat the auto lock will lock the stroller in a folded position.

Woman putting Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller In The Overhead Compartment Of The Plane

UV 50 + Extended Canopy

This City Tour Stroller includes UV 50 + extended canopy to protect you child when you are out in a lot of sun like when you go on those trips where it’s sunny, also has a mesh pee-a-boo window to see your child as you stroller on your outings.

Family Strolling Through The Mall Using A Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

Travel Friendly

The City Tour is a lightweight folding stroller that folds so compactly it meets carry-on requirements for many modes of transportation. This what I like about this stroller you don’t have to check it in just carry it on the plane with you.

Image Of Baby Jogger City Tour Folded Up Compactly In The Overhead Compartment Of The Plane

Storage Basket

This City Tour Stroller even has a below the sit storage basket, not only is this stroller budget friendly, but it has things that we need, you can put toys, books, little essentials, and the backpack style carry-on in the storage as well.

Image Of The Baby Jogger City Tour Storage Basket

Here are some reviews pros and cons of parents who use this Baby Jogger City Tour there are 265 reviews and 200 positive and 65 negative.


  • Parents love that it folds with one-hand lightweight easy to put into vehicle trunks
  • Great that it comes in a few colors, so when traveling you can pick yours out of the crowd in an instant
  • Fits in the airline overhead compartment with no problem
  • Does recline so if child is sleepy they can relax and lay back
  • The back pack carry-on bag comes with stroller
  • Wheels are good do good on cobblestone
  • Good quality nice design easy to store
  • Holds up well for International trips as well the streets of Europe and Rome cobblestone
  • Easy to assemble, has swivel wheel in the front which makes it easy to push and turn on a dime
  • The canopy is awesome compared to a regular umbrella stroller
  • Some parents say the storage space beneath the seat can fit a purse or bag in it
  • Has storage behind the seat has elastic on top so things don’t fall out
  • Couple of parents say it rides good over grass and gravel


  • Doesn’t full recline it not a deep seat it’s shallow
  • Back doesn’t sit up 90, which contributes to child sometimes sliding out
  • Don’t use it on the sand of a beach wheels will lock up on you
  • When trying to buckle the stroller the part that clips together kept slipping out


My thoughts

I think personally this is a great single stroller that you can use for any occasion, especially for traveling on a plane and for everyday use, for children not toddlers in my opinion, Baby Jogger could have done a little more to make it comfortable for children.

As I read the reviews it’s really up to the child if the parents decide if they like the stroller or not some parents did say it’s adult friendly not child friendly to them, but it’s better than an umbrella stroller.

If you are a big online shopper like myself, Amazon has the best deals on this stroller. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller or your own personal review leave a  comment below.

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10 thoughts on “Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Reviews

  1. Bingo! I was searching the net for a baby stroller at an affordable price and landed at your post. Thanks Cynthia for detailed write up on the City Tour Stroller. I want to gift this to my nephew as a Christmas present. He is 2 years old. Please let me know whether this is good for kids of that age group.

    Also let me know why do some parents think it is adult friendly and not child friendly?

    1. Hello GeeEss,

      Yes it is good for children of 2 years old, the reason parents think its adult friendly, because of the compact fold its easy to fold with one-hand, a good travel stroller where it can fit on the plane compartment overhead, also its light weight yet sturdy has a back pack carry-on bag, basket beneath the seat, extra storage on the back of the stroller, better than an umbrella stroller.

      Some adults say that it is not designed for their child because the seat is to shallow, the back doesn’t sit up to a 90 angle, which contributes to child sometimes sliding out, 1 parent that I read had an issue with the fasting the buckle it kept sliding out.

      But overall most parents love this stroller.  Hope this help, let me know if I can further assist you in purchasing this for your Grandson for Christmas, leave your email as well.


  2. Hi Cynthia,   thank you for sharing a review on this stroller.   Despite it’s drawbacks that you mentioned, it does seem like it would be very useful stroller for traveling through airports.   I especially like the fact that it comes in different colors, so that I could quickly pick it out among all the other black luggage.        

    I think it would be very challenging to find any stroller that is going to do well in the sand at the beach, so I am not worried about that problem.    This stroller certainly has potential.    

    Again, thanks for the sharing your review.  

    1. Hello Sondra,

      Thanks for stopping by Joggers Baby Strollers, appreciate your comments, hopefully I can be of some help to you in the near future.  Please leave your email, so I can follow up with.  Thanks have a great day!


  3. This is great Cynthia. I have two boys and I think that this article will greatly help me. I like to travel with my wife and sometimes it can be a great challenge to walk with kids without strollers. This baby jogger city stroller will help me and my wife greatly. I will order one before New Year so we  can travel safely.

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Thanks for reading my review, I am glad to be of an assistance to you in choosing a stroller for you and your family, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me, please leave your email, so I can follow up with you.  Have a great day!


  4. Hello there Cynthia. Thank you for this thorough and informative article and review. I got almost all the information I needed. My wife and I are planning on buying new Stroller, since we had a small accident with the previous one. Of course without the baby in it :).

    I was looking at your review and I like what I saw to be honest. The pricing, the endurance – all is there with Baby Jogger. I will show my wife this article and we will decide after that about purchasing this product.


    1. Hello Strahinja,

      Thanks for your comments, I am glad that I could assist you in your purchase of a new stroller, if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, if you don’t mind leave your email with me, so I can follow up with you.  Have a great day!


  5. Hi Cynthia. 

    When I was shopping for a stroller about a year ago, I saw this one on amazon. It was one of the better priced strollers but I didn’t like some of features about it. For example, the handle bar isn’t adjustable. I think it’s great that you could carry it on the plane with you but that isn’t too important either as most planes will store strollers and car seats for free and you don’t need it with you on the plane. Also, this stroller’s name is a little misleading. When I first saw it I thought this was a jogging stroller. 

    This stroller is definitely more lightweight than most so it’s a good one for commuting by bus or other transit like you said. If I had to pick up another stroller, I’d probably buy this one just because it looks so easy to carry around. The stroller I ended up buying is wonderful and I’d highly recommend it but it is bulky and a little heavy. We live in a second story apartment and lugging that thing up and down the stairs can be a real pain. 

    Thanks so much this review!

    1. Hello Tina,

      Yes Baby Jogger is the brand name, its not the stroller, thanks for stopping by Joggers Baby Strollers, if I can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  Have a great day!


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