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Hi everyone welcome to my website Joggers Baby Strollers it has been such a passion of mine to help parents with all types of babies items, that will help their lives be a little more simple, so the purpose of this website is to help parents choose the right Joggers Baby Stroller for them and their family.

I have been a nurse for 16 years, a native Chicagoan for 51 years, a mother of 3 adult children and 1 beautiful granddaughter,  I ran my first 26.2 Chicago Marathon in 2012 but never had the opportunity to use a Jogging Stroller when my children where babies, they had those regular strollers that where very heavy not fashionable at all, not  like the Strollers they have on the market now.

I worked with babies for many years, so I am now working with babies who have medical issues in their homes, so their parents are active runners and participate in marathons and they use Jogging Strollers.

When I was exposed to these Jogging Strollers, I was just taken by them, I was like do they think I am going to be pushing that big stroller around haha! I was like these Strollers look very heavy, well I found out they are very light and maneuver well on any terrain, the one’s I used.

Well let me tell you,  I wanted to write about these different strollers, because I was never exposed to nice Jogging Strollers and I read a lot of parents reviews about them and sometimes they are not good reviews, so I just wanted to be a help to Mom’s and Dad’s, in choosing the right Stroller.

Why buy a jogging stroller

Not all of us can make time for exercise, but for those moms and dads who can jump out of bed in the morning and run 5 or 10 miles, Yeah!, hats off to them.  Having a baby doesn’t mean giving up on your healthy life style, but what it does mean is I have to find ways to exercise with my baby.  Running with your babies, which is an excellent way to lose weight after pregnancy and teach your babies how to live a healthy life style as they get older, but to do that you need to choose a safe top-quality Jogging Stroller.

I use my employers Jogging Strollers as well when I take my babies outside for a quick walk/run or doing errands, even though my own children are adults.   Sure you can jog with any stroller, but purchasing a Jogger Stroller, however, offer several advantages. First comes safety, regular strollers are not made to be used for running, Jogger Strollers on the other hand, are designed to keep your baby safe as you jog or run.  Jogging Strollers allow you to jog on different terrains such as:

  1. Side Walks that are uneven
  2. Dirt Trail
  3. Grass
  4. Gravel
  5. Cobblestone
  6. Provide a smooth ride even when the ground gets bumpy or rocky

Which Jogger Stroller is Best for me?

If you have any questions about Jogging Strollers or want to leave your own personal review  leave a comment below.  There are many products in the market place, but there’s only some I recommend   Check Out My Top Rated Jogging Strollers Here.

All the best,

See you on the running path


4 thoughts on “About Cynthia

  1. Cynthia, I think I need one of these to sit in! My back has a pinched nerve and I find it’s awkward. So wishful thinking is that I would loved to be pushed places.

    I think it’s a fantastic idea to take the wee ones jogging. Babies develop curiosity early on and the jogging scenery, I believe, will fascinate them.

    My friend’s baby used to peer excitedly around, going ooh (with pursed lips) and point out what had caught her attention. On her naming day she looked at the font, gave a loud ooh and pointed it out. On the way she poked the minister in the eye. That sure brought the house down.

    I like the look of your site and I expect your visitors will too.


  2. Hello Cynthia,

    What a good idea it was to build strollers for babies with the ability to run. 

    It seems fantastic that both mother and father can jog with their baby with their stroller without risk. 

    I am a very happy athlete to know that many parents can continue with their physical exercises very well accompanied by their children.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Claudio

    1. Hello Claudio,

      Thank You for you comment, if you need any assistance in purchasing a Stroller in the future don’t hesitate to reach to me.  Have a great day!


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